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Procedures for Processing FacultyFaculty Renewal Leave

1. The Faculty Renewal Leave program is described in the Faculty Handbook and in the RWJMS Bylaws. Faculty who are interested in applying for such a leave should review these documents.

2. Faculty who fulfill the following criteria may apply for Faculty Renewal Leave:

  • Full-time, full title faculty of RWJMS.
  • Completed six (6) consecutive years of employment at Rutgers.
  • No less than six (6) years have passed since his/her last Faculty Renewal Leave.
  • The department chair recommends the leave.

3. The initial application for the leave must be recommended by the chair and forwarded to the Dean at least one (1) year prior to the proposed start date of the leave. The official application for the leave, which must be forwarded through the Dean's Office to the Office of Faculty Affairs six (6) months prior to the proposed start date, must contain the following documents:

  • A letter of request from the faculty member to the Dean containing the following: When and where the leave shall take place including the proposed starting date. Duration of the leave and the plans for managing the teaching, clinical (if applicable), and administrative (if applicable) responsibilities of the faculty member.
  • A letter from the chair supporting the leave. It is understood that departmental faculty will absorb the increased instructional load which the granting of a period of academic renewal may create. Periods of academic renewal will not be granted if the teaching load cannot be absorbed or if it must be taken at the expense of students or regular departmental programs.
  • A detailed description of the renewal leave activities.
  • A one page summary of the leave proposal.
  • A letter from the host university or organization confirming the invitation or acceptance of the faculty member.
  • A completed review sheet for faculty renewal leaves (Attachment A).
  • A current curriculum vitae in regulation format (Attachment B).

4. Upon review by the Advisory Committee on Appointments and Promotions and recommendation by the Dean, the proposal will be forwarded to the RBHS Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for approval.

5. Upon return from the leave, the faculty will forward via email to the Office of Faculty Affairs a one page, single-spaced report summarizing the activities and outcomes of the leave.