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Procedures for Processing Faculty

Distinguished Professor Title

Guidelines for the Selection of Distinguished Professors

  • The Distinguished Professor designation is without term.
  • The criteria for selection will be based on the expectation of continued outstanding academic achievement. The achievements and the impact and influence of published work in the fields of medical sciences or public health must be recognizable and substantiated by scholars and peers within and outside of the institution and by national or international organizations whose objectivity and high standards are generally acknowledged. The following are examples of specific indicators of exceptional achievement and contributions which should be considered in the evaluation process. Distinguished achievement in more than one of the following areas relating to the work of the individual should form the basis for selection.
    • Prestigious awards or prizes related to distinguished achievement in science such as the Lasker Award.
    • Membership in academic societies such as the National Academy of Sciences, prestigious national advisory committees and councils, or presidential commissions.
    • Invited lectureships at prestigious national and international meetings such as the Harvey Lecture.
    • Honorary degrees
    • Honorary or distinguished fellowship in prestigious professional societies.
    • Demonstrated leadership in the scientific community as evidenced by membership on peer review panels at the NIH or recognized private foundations and membership on prestigious editorial review boards or substantial contributions and recognizable prominence in national and international health and educational programs.
  • Except in the case of unusual circumstances, a maximum of only one such appointment will be made each academic year.
  • Faculty in the tenure track who hold the rank of Professor or Professor Coterminous, who do not hold an administrative position at the level of department chair, or who are not members of the deaconal staff, are eligible for consideration.
  • A Distinguished Professor who assumes an administrative position as indicated above must resign his/her designation as Distinguished.
  • The Distinguished Professor may receive, for a stipulated period of time, supplemental funds as determined by the Dean. (UMDNJ Bylaws)

Procedure for the Selection of Distinguished Professors

  • A candidate can be nominated by the Dean of the Medical School, a department chair, or a faculty member (not necessarily from the department in which the candidate currently holds faculty rank.)
  • The nomination proposal will be submitted to the Dean who in turn will submit the proposal to the Appointment and Promotion Committee for its review. The proposal should include specific and substantive statement of achievements, a current curriculum vitae and appropriate supportive letters.
  • The Appointment and Promotion Committee will perform a preliminary review of all candidates. This review will include consultation with the chair of the candidate's department who will in turn consult with the tenured faculty of the department. The Appointment and Promotion Committee will establish ad hoc subcommittees for the consideration of those candidates deemed appropriate by the members of the Committee.
  • Each subcommittee will have at least one member of the Appointment and Promotion Committee who will serve as the chair of the subcommittee, and no fewer than three additional members to be selected by the Appointment and Promotion Committee with the advice of the Dean and the chair of the candidate's primary department. The membership of the subcommittee is not restricted to faculty of the institution.
  • The ad hoc subcommittee will report to the Appointment and Promotion Committee which will make a final recommendation to the Dean. The faculty member submitting the nomination proposal will be invited to the meeting of the Appointment and Promotion Committee at which the report of the subcommittee is to be presented.
  • Actions of the Committee are advisory to the Dean who recommends actions to the President of the University. The recommendations of the President are presented to the Board of Trustees for final action.