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David Hosack, MD, FRS

HosackPresident of the Medical Faculty
Professor of the Institutes
Practice of Physic & Clinical Medicine

  • Born August 31, 1769
  • Early education in Newark
  • Initial college at King's College NYC
  • Witness to Doctor's Riot in 1788
  • Finished college at The College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), 1789
  • Began medical education in NYC under Dr. Nicholas Romayne
  • Finished medical education in 1790 at Penn
  • Went to Europe to study medical botany.
  • Returned and established the Elgin Botanic Garden in NYC...Rockefeller Center
  • Major figure in NYC medicine
  • Broke with the College of Physicians & Surgeons and led Rutgers Medical College in Manhattan, 1826 -1830
  • July 11, 1804
    Accompanied and then attended to Alexander Hamilton in Weehawken following his duel to Aaron Burr
  • Died December 22, 1835