Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Strategic Priorities: Community Aim #4
Expand RWJMS community and global health capacity to engage in
population health initiatives around patient-centered outcomes, practice-
based dissemination, and implementation and translational research

Continue participation with the Greater New Brunswick Community
Health Collaborative sponsored by the Institute for Health, Health
Care Policy, and Aging to increase RWJMS and RBHS capacity in
community participatory research

Form committee of clinical and research faculty with interest in
community and global health to conduct and pursue funding for
capacity building initiatives in community health research

Provide opportunities to develop local and global capacity of
community advocates to become full research partners

Work with offices at RWJMS and across RBHS, as well as
emerging health systems such as Robert Wood Johnson Partners,
to plan for assessments of healthcare initiatives with community-
based partners and assess the potential of global collaborations in
this regard