Strategic Planning at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Strategic planning at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is an ongoing, inclusive process that began in 2009 and has undergone multiple iterations with input from staff, students, faculty and community physicians, along with leadership of many of our affiliate hospitals. We are nearing the completion of a Strategic Plan which will provide a framework for the medical school’s success as we become part of Rutgers University and commence a new era in our history. This historic and monumental realignment will strengthen our partnerships, enhance our clinical enterprise and expand the opportunity for federal research funding. Aligning our Strategic Plan with Rutgers new plan provides Robert Wood Johnson Medical School with a considerable advantage as the university enters the Big Ten and its academic arm, the Committee on Institutional Cooperation.

As we move forward through the strategic planning process, it is important to integrate the different mission areas with a shared vision to ultimately improve education, research, patient care and community health. The new strategic plan is intended to guide our school and its leadership, faculty, staff and students as we work together to comprise a leading, nationally-distinguished academic health center.

During the 2013 Town Hall meetings, an Executive Summary of the Strategic Plan was presented that included Guiding Tenets, a new Vision and Mission statement, and Goals and Objectives for each mission area. They were all developed by soliciting input from, sharing data with, and obtaining feedback from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School community throughout the process.

The strategic plan is an iterative and ongoing process. In preparation to implement the Strategic Plan, we again seek your input.  On this site you will find core documents and information, including the presentations from the Town Hall Meetings on May 10, May 16, May 30 and June 5. Feedback on the goals and objectives that were presented are welcome and may be provided by logging into iPlan3. We hope you will review this information and continue contributing to our school's ongoing strategic planning efforts.


Visit iPlan3 to contribute feedback on Goals and Objectives

Click Here for the May 10, 2013, PowerPoint presentation

Click Here for the May 16, 2013, PowerPoint presentation

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Click Here for archived Strategic Planning documents 2009-2012


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