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Consumer Advisory Council

The Boggs Center Consumer Advisory Council (CAC), the majority of which are people with disabilities and family members, provides ongoing consultation and annual program review of Boggs Center activities. This includes active participation in a collaborative planning process for The Boggs Center’s 5-year core grant application, with the CAC helping to create The Center’s vision and identifying the trends and challenges confronting individuals, families, delivery systems and the developmental disabilities community in New Jersey. The CAC meets at least twice a year. In addition, CAC input is solicited for the development and review of a variety of Boggs Center projects and products.

Virginia Bryant, Esq.
Parent Advocate

Jui Agrawal

Sibling Advocate

Dawn Apgar, PhD

NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities, NJ Department of Human Services

Diana Autin

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN)

Thomas Baffuto

The Arc of New Jersey

Suzanne Buchanan, PsyD

Autism New Jersey

Ellie Byra Parent Advocate

Barbara Coppens

Advocate, Disability Rights New Jersey

William A.B. Ditto

Human Services Consultant

Lorraine D’Sylva-Lee

Parent Advocate

Chin-Lin Fong, PhD

Parent Advocate

Gail Frizzell

Parent Advocate

Harold Garwin, Esq.

Community Health Law Project

Barbara Geiger-Parker

Brain Injury Association of NJ

Jeanne Hoffner

Parent Advocate

Donna Icovino

Parent Advocate

Eric Joice

Family Resource Network

Rose Kardashian

Multi-Lingual Center, Catholic Family and Community Services

Dan Keating, PhD

Alliance for the Betterment of Citizens with Disabilities (ABCD)

Sandra Lopez

Parent Advocate

Elizabeth Manley

NJ Division of Children’s System of Care, NJ Department of Children and Families

Peggy McDonald, PhD

NJ Office of Special Education Programs; NJ Department of Education

Jaime McGeady

Sibling Advocate

Joanne McKeown

Parent Advocate; Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN)

Uday Mehta, MD, MPH

Parent Advocate; Children's Specialized Hospital, Robert Wood Johnson Health System

Nicole Morgan-Lewis

Parent Advocate; NJ National Guard, State Youth Coordinator

Jack M. Mudge

Advancing Opportunities

Safiyyah Muhammad

Parent Advocate

Hazeline Pilgrim

Parent Advocate

Sandra Pinkerton, EdD

Advocate, Special Educator

Stephanie Pratico Parent Advocate; Chair, NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities

Raymond Rajkowski


Gloria Rodriguez, DSW

NJ Division of Family Health Services, NJ Department of Health and Senior Services

Valerie Sellers NJACP

Alia Suqi

Parent Advocate

Sarah Vazquez


Derrick Williams


Roberta Wohle, PhD

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Joseph Young, Esq.

Disability Rights New Jersey

In Memoriam

Elizabeth M. Boggs, PhD 1913 - 1996
Diana Cuthbertson 1946 - 1997
Rabbi Evan Jaffe 1953 - 2015
Clarissa Prioleau 1954 - 1995

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