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Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services: Hot Topics and Emerging Trends

October 30, 2014 - Duration 2.75 hrs

Robin Cooper, MA

Director of Technical Assistance
The National Association of States Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services

Alexandria, VA

People with developmental disabilities receive supports and services in their own home or community through funding from Medicaid Home & Community Based Service (HCBS) waivers.  In New Jersey, Medicaid Home and Community Based Services are available through the Community Care Waiver (CCW) and, in the near future, the Supports Program.  This presentation will offer an overview of the Medicaid program, with specific focus on service options.  Trends affecting service systems, including changing demographics, best practices in service system design, and increasing emphasis on employment and supporting families will be discussed. The new federal rules regarding HCBS settings will be described, along with state experiences to date in coming into compliance with these rules.


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Presentation Handouts (PDF Available)

Project Manager: Robyn Carroll
Program Staff: Debbie Mahovetz, Ziba Arjmand
Project Support Staff: Gail DiPane

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