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College of Direct Support Webinars

Provider Agencies

The following webinars are designed for agency designated CDS administrators only. Administrator access to the College of Direct Support will be given after attending the CDS Admin Access Training. Only staff identified by their agency as administrators will be allowed to attend the training.

CDS Administrator Webinars

  • Adding New Learners, Looking up Learners, Changing Status and Manager Zone
    This webinar focuses on how to add learners into the College of Direct Support; how to look up learners (existing staff); how to change the status for learners that no longer work for your agency and how to request access to staff that already work for another agency (also known as manager zone/secondary access).
  • Classroom Training
    This webinar gives step by step directions for in-classroom training instructors on how to schedule a pre-service classroom training in the College of Direct Support; how to add staff to the class roster; how to mark staff as complete after the training and how to archive the training after the event.
  • Running Reports
    This webinar gives step-by-step direction on how to run reports within the College of Direct Support on in-classroom and online training information in the system.

Community Care Residences

CCR CDS Administrators
The following webinars are designed for DDD designated CDS administrators only.

  • CCR CDS Administrators
    This webinar gives step-by-step instruction for DDD designated CDS administrators on how to add new learners and assign online CDS courses.

CCR Providers
The following webinar(s) are designed to provide information for Community Care Residence Providers.

  • CCR CDS Advanced Training Info Webinar
    This webinar gives step-by-step instruction for Community Care Residence Providers on how to access the College of Direct Support assigned online training. Note: training must be assigned to you by your administrator before you can access it.

Developmental Centers

The following webinar(s) are designed for Developmental Center designated CDS administrators only.

  • Assigning E-Learning (online training)
    This webinar gives step-by-step instructions to designated Developmental Center CDS administrators on how to add learners and assign online training through the CDS.

Workforce Development

The Boggs Center is pleased make available archived versions of five Direct Support Professional (DSP) Workforce Development webinars offered during the 2013 NJ DSP Workforce Development Summer Webinar Series. These webinars address a variety of topics related to DSP training and competency development, recognition, and retention strategies. The target audience for these webinars includes: HR and training staff, CDS administrators, program directors, frontline mangers, and similarly related positions. Please see below for recordings of each webinar.

  • DSP Recognition Week: Ideas and Strategies to Show Your Appreciation Webinar
    DSP Recognition Week is held the second week of September. This is the perfect opportunity for employers to recognize their DSPs for the hard work and dedication. This webinar provides ideas for free and low cost ways to recognize your staff.
  • Maximizing DSP Potential: Using the College of Direct Support to Develop Skills and Competency Webinar
    Training is important to providing staff with the knowledge and skills they need. Equipping staff with knowledge of core competencies provides a basis for the work they do. Aligning training with individual support needs further prepares staff with the skills they need to provide quality, person-centered supports. This webinar presents information on how agencies can use the CDS to meet a variety of training needs.
  • Supervision: Follow-up and Follow-through Webinar
    Effective supervision is a critical to staff development and retention. This involves providing the guidance necessary to develop a competent and qualified workforce. Supervisors play an important role in helping DSPs apply what is learned in training to their daily responsibilities and the supports people need. This webinar presents concepts of how supervisors can effectively engage their staff and promote ongoing skill development.
  • Increasing Educational Opportunities for DSPs: Implementing the NJ Career Path in Your Agency Webinar
    Career Paths are nationally recognized methods to developing a competent, confident, and stable workforce. Continued staff development over time is recommended to help build a skilled and productive workforce. This webinar reviews the New Jersey Career Path and opportunities DSPs have for obtaining a state certificate, college credit, and/or credentialing through the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP). Strategies on the various ways the Career Path can be implemented at provider agencies are also discussed.
  • Best Practices in DSP Workforce Development: A Summary of National Strategies Webinar
    With an estimated need for 1 million more DSPs in the next ten years strategies to improve recruitment, retention, and training efforts have become a priority across the United States. Leaders in the fields of developmental disabilities, aging, and mental health have been collaborating in the development of cross-sector competencies. Nationally, work has been done to develop white papers, compile descriptions of state efforts, and offer presentations to provide information on best practice. This webinar provides a summary of these workforce development activities and nationally recommended strategies to improve the quality and capacity of the DSP workforce.


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