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Supported Employment Training and Technical Assistance

Supported Employment Overview

Working is one of the most fundamental functions in a person’s life, providing professional growth, financial stability, personal fulfillment, and self-respect. Historically, individuals with disabilities have had limited to no access to opportunities when pursuing employment outcomes for themselves. Supported Employment services, defined in The Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1986 and 1992, were created to support these individuals in pursuing and maintaining competitive work in integrated settings.


Supported Employment means that individuals are able to pursue employment of their choice in community settings of their preference earning wages that are at least equivalent to workers in the same or similar positions. Some of the most important guiding principles of Supported Employment are:

  • Given the proper supports, work environment, and desire to work, all people with disabilities are employable.

  • Services are designed to help individuals find employment that offers competitive wages in typical work settings regardless of disability.

  • Informed individual choice, self-determination, and person centered services form the foundation of all professional supports.

  • Individual’s strengths, abilities, preferences, and interests help to guide the job search and ultimate work selection.

  • The development of a career path that includes future planning, skill building, and ongoing career exploration, which facilitates the progression from entry-level positions.

Training and Technical Assistance

The Boggs Center Employment Team provides Supported Employment Training and Technical Assistance throughout the state of New Jersey. Training courses are intended to provide both new and veteran employment specialists with the most up to date and proven best practices in supported employment. Furthermore, trainings can be modified or developed to meet the specific needs of agencies or general professional development. Technical Assistance is provided via consultation to support capacity building and systemic growth.


The Boggs Center offers two training series in Supported Employment:

In our continuing efforts to provide the most comprehensive, highest quality of trainings and services, The Boggs Center maintains effective partnerships and collaborations with state and local government agencies including the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and NJ Department of Education (DOE).  




Employment For All: A Webinar for Parents and Families on Supported Employment


Supported Employment is a valuable service that assists individuals with disabilities to secure integrated, competitive employment. Many parents, guardians, and family members have questions about how the process works, if it’s appropriate for their loved one, and what their role in the process should be. Please join us as we discuss how essential employment can be in the life of those with disabilities and examine how parents/guardians can contribute to their success.

Webinar Recording
Employment For All: A Webinar for Parents and Families on Supported Employment.mp4



CASES cover Comprehensive Assessment of Supported Employment Service (CASES)
FEET cover Functional Employment Exploration Tool (FEET)
Self-advocate's Guide to Choosing a Post-Secondary Program





Training & Consultation Specialists: Jessica Short, Bethany Chase, Rob Kimmel
Support Staff: Lisa Thomas
Project Director: Margaret Gilbride

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