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Clinical Pastoral Education

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The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program is a training program initiated by The Boggs Center
in collaboration with community agencies and rehabilitation centers in New Jersey. Those agencies
serve as the placement sites for the pastoral work done in the program. The CPE program provides
intensive and extensive training for clergy, seminarians, and lay persons who will learn from their
clinical work and assignments with community based agencies and rehabilitation centers serving
persons with disabilities and their families.

The CPE program is accredited by the national Association for Clinical Pastoral Education,
1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4635.

The Extended CPE program runs from mid September to mid May of each academic year. It is part-time
(15-16 hours per week) for 35 weeks. Each week consists of 5 hours of training group activities and
supervision held at The Boggs Center (on Wednesday afternoons) and 10 hours of clinical pastoral work
at the assigned placement agencies. Requirements include clinical pastoral work at the placement sites, participation in learning group activities, readings, and written assignments. There is a student fee of
$500 for one unit. 

Level I and Level II CPE are available.


To apply, use the standard CPE application form available at

Applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis. We begin accepting applications in November for the following year’s Summer Intensive Unit, and in January for that year’s Fall Extended Unit.  If interested,
please apply quickly. Our goal is to have student placements determined a couple of months ahead of the
start date to facilitate a smooth orientation to the program.


This ACPE CPE center/program guarantees to its students the rights to inspect and review education records, to seek to amend them, to specified control over release of record information, and to file a complaint against the program for alleged violations of these Family Education and Privacy Act (FERPA) rights. A student has the right to object to record content.  If not negotiable, the written objection will be kept with and released with the record.  Grades are exempted from this right. Violations of these protocols may be reported to the Chair of the Accreditation Commission at: ACPE, 1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103, Decatur, GA  30033.


CPE Student Handbook

CPE Brochure

ACPE Supervisor: Rev. Bill Gaventa, MDiv

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