eConsult Program

Discover how an eConsult can help you make secure HIPAA compliant asynchronous referrals to specific RWJMS subspecialty groups with minimal effort.

RWJMS is funding an eConsult Program with the generous support of The Nicholson Foundation.

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Improve Access to Specialty Care Treatment

Patients with complex medical conditions in New Jersey sometimes wait up to six months to see a specialist. eConsults promises reduced wait times and responses within 48 hours.

Improve Patient Outcomes and Quality of Life

An eConsult can help improve communication between primary care providers and specialists and decrease avoidable or ambulatory sensitive referrals, preventable emergency room visits and hospital admissions.

How it works

Primary Care Providers and Specialists will receive compensation for participation in this pilot. And you will have the convenience of consultations and images shared in HIPAA compliant platform.  Consultations are managed within an AristaMD eConsult platform:

Groups Participating in the Pilot Starting September 2019

RWJ – Cardiology
RWJ – Dermatology Medicine
RWJ – Pediatric Endocrinology
Sports Medicine
RWJ – Pulmonary/Sleep Medicine
RWJ – Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition

Additional Groups Added November 2019

RWJ – Hematology
RWJ – Nephrology
RWJ – Pediatric Pulmonary
RWJ – Rheumatology
RWJ – Psychiatry

Additional Groups Added December 2019

RWJ – Allergy
RWJ – Infectious Disease

eConsult Pilot Leadership Team

Vicki Craig, MD – Executive Sponsor
Eric Jahn, MD - Senior Associate Dean for Community Health
Kathy Dodsworth-Rugani, PhD - Executive Director
Jeffrey P. Levine, MD, MPH - Medical Director
Brian Reid MHA, MIS - Asst. Director Project Mgt/Analytics
Caroline McHugh Sitren, MA – Program Administrator, Telehealth

For More Information and to Participate Contact:
Caroline McHugh Sitren,, 732.235.8298