Community Health

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) has a clearly stated commitment to community service and the improvement of community health as one of the four core missions of the school. The Office of Community Health has responsibility for the development, implementation and oversight of many of the school's community health initiatives.

The most prominent community health activity is the Eric B. Chandler Health Center, a federally funded community health center that is owned and operated by the medical school in collaboration with the Eric B. Chandler Community Board. The center provides care to more than 14,500 patients providing over 61,000 encounters per year. The Health Center is also the principal site of the New Brunswick Community Interpreter Project.

The Healthier New Brunswick(HNB) initiative works to improve the health and healthcare of New Brunswick residents through community-based partnerships. Healthier New Brunswick (HNB) is a collaborative effort between New Brunswick Tomorrow (convener of the Health Task Force), Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Office of Community Health (convener of the Alliance for a Healthier New Brunswick), Johnson & Johnson, and the City of New Brunswick. Recently RWJMS faculty have published Measurement to Promote a Healthier New Brunswick: Survey of New Brunswick, N.J. Data that evaluates health-related studies conducted in New Brunswick and recommends health indicators for a shared measurement system for New Brunswick. The complete data set for this report is found in the report’s Appendices.

Medical students at RWJMS engage in a variety of community health activities including the Homeless and Indigent Populations Health and Outreach Project (HIPHOP) and the Promise Clinic in New Brunswick. Many of the institutes, centers and departments throughout the medical school support the school’s commitment to community health and are deeply involved in community health activities.