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Thank you for your interest in Rutgers RWJMS NJ Project ECHO! This is an opportunity for you to collaborate with your peers and review active cases to increase knowledge and confidence in screening, treating, and managing complex conditions within your practice. While health center teams are encouraged to participate as a group, please register individually. To complete registration, please read the CEU and legal notices and provide your demographic information. Once completed, click ‘SUBMIT’ to register.

You will receive an onboarding email from our Project ECHO team within 1-2 business days containing the connection information for our upcoming clinic session(s), as well as guidelines on how to participate in the clinic(s). We look forward to seeing you on the network

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Which type(s) of patient cases are you planning to submit for specialist mentorship for the ECHO(s) you registered for above: (ECHO content relies on participant-provided cases. A benefit of ECHO compared to other CEU programs is that it can directly apply to your caseload.)*

Diabetes Pediatric ADHD Muscle-related Pain Opioid-related SUD Perinatal NAS/SEI
Thyroid Pediatric Mental Health Nerve-related Pain Non-opioid related SUD First Year/Developmental
Other Endocrinology Case Other Pediatric Behavioral Health Case Other Chronic Pain Case Other SUD Case Other NAS/SEI Case

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