The CVI is a new model of an interdiscliplinary and comprehensive cardiovascular disease program that espouses openness, collaboration, and multidisciplinary research teams. At the present time, the major areas of research focus at CVI are clinical trials, cardiovascular pharmacology research, disease management and clinical outcomes research, and biomedical engineering. The CVI's long-term research goals include identifying the genetic and environmental factors associated with heart disease and translating that new knowledge into improved health for patients with ischemic, hypertrophic, congenital and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathies.

  • Clinical Trials. Angina, congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, and hypertension are the areas of focus for the CVI's current clinical research. The number and scope of clinical trials conducted at the CVI is unparalleled. Leadership and participation in national and international clinical trials, including BHAT, AMIS, SHEP, SOLVD, TONE, MARCATOR, INTIME, WHI, LIFE, SWORD, ESSENCE, OVERTURE, OCTAVE, OPERA, HAT and ILLUMINATE have defined how patients are evaluated and treated. The OCTAVE clinical trial alone involved over 25,000 patients at 3,200 sites overseen by over 4,000 investigators, worldwide.
  • Biomedical Engineering. CVI faculty has made important contributions to the development of non-invasive diagnostic techniques including one of the first applications of Doppler echocardiography in cardiology. Working with models of circulation developed through acoustic detection, CVINJ faculty can "see" the sounds of the heart in order to better identify and understand coronary heart disease.
  • The Myocardial Infarction Data Acquisition System (MIDAS), developed by CVI, includes 25 years of data on more than 500,000 people in New Jersey who have had a myocardial infarction. MIDAS enables CVI faculty to identify important trends in cardiovascular diseases and achieve better clinical outcomes for patients. 

CVI faculty members have participated in the development of over 100 cardiovascular drugs and have been awarded more than $15 million in research funding. CVI physicians and scientists have published in over 500 peer reviewed journals based on their world-class research.


For Investigators

If you have interest in participating in research projects carried out by the CVI or have a new project to propose, please contact Dr. Kostis at (732) 235-7685 or The CVI can offer support at all stages of your research, as you desire, including budget development, contract review, negotiation with sponsorm research staff including coordinators, nurses and physician assistants, data entry, facility use, grant accounting, research administration, data analysis, manuscript advice and audit support.

Below are active projects as of January 2013.  Projects in blue background are funded from federal sources, those in green background are funded by the industry.

All investigators participating in research at the CVI must fulfill the RWJMS requirements for research including: 




CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative)

UMDNJ Mandatory Compliance Training (Code of Conduct and Corporate Integrity Agreement Training; Professional Compliance; Avoiding Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse; HIPAA Compliance)

Conflict of Interest Disclosure.

Procedures for Research at the CVI

The following procedures will be used for obtaining and analyzing data for research at the CVI.


  • IRB approval must be obtained before any new data are acquired or analyses are done.
  • The research database will be constructed as appropriate.


  • An additional IRB approval pertaining to the specific analysis will be obtained.
  • The question to be answered will be formulated in writing.
  • A search of pertinent literature references will be performed.
  • A one page proposal will be submitted including:
    • The question
    • A brief exposition of previous research and knowledge on the question
    • Itemized list of the variables to be included in the analysis
    • Proposed analytical plan and statistical methods.
  • The analytical plan will be discussed with appropriate statistical consultants.
  • A data set will be constructed to include only the requested variables and observations.
  • The analysis will be performed.
  • Results will be summarized in tabular and graphic form as appropriate.
  • Papers and abstracts will be drafted.

For patients:  If you have interest in participating in research projects, please contact Dr. Kostis at (732) 235-6546 or  We perform research on heart attack, stroke and heart failure from three points of view i.e. new drugs and devices, clinical trials and prevention/epidemiology.

Below are active projects as of January 2013.  Projects in blue background are funded from federal sources, those in green background are funded by the industry.