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Welcome to Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson

Cystic Fibrosis Center.


We hope you find this website useful as a source of information and support.  We will do our best to keep you updated about what is happening at this center and in the larger community. 





Just a simple reminder that FLU is out there this year and some strains are showing themselves to be very unpleasant. The CDC reports that it is coming late again this year so we need to remain vigilant for signs of flu even as temperatures start to warm up.  As you already know, having CF puts you/your child at higher risk if you develop the FLU, so we have a couple quick tips:


1- MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!!!  Family members should also get FLU Shots to protect the person with CF from flu exposure.


2- When in doubt, CALL - If you/your child develop symptoms that might be flu, including fever, don't wait and see.  Give us a call so we can get ahead of it.  Tamiflu, for instance, is most effective if started within the first 48 hours of flu symptoms. 


3- WASH those hands and wear a mask in medical areas (hospitals, clinics, etc.) - For your protection.


For more information about FLU, Click here



Calling All CF Families!!


We are looking for volunteers to help us RESTART our Family Advisory Council.  We admit we have NEGLECTED this group but we are EAGER to get started again and looking for new ideas and energy.  If you are a family member of a pediatric or adult patient and would like to have a voice in the efforts of this center, PLEASE call us and volunteer to join this group.  Meetings will be held quarterly  and you can particpate by conference call!!


CALL ERIN at 732-235-6409 if interested or email at 




    Things to Remember When Planning Your Clinic Visit:

    - When planning your clinic visit, please think about vacation or special event planning. We really don't want CF to interrupt your life if it can be avoided.  So, if you have a vacationor trip planned, plan to come to clinic at least two weeks before the vacation or right after.         

    - WEARING MASKS!  - It is important to follow CFF infection control guidelines when coming to the medical center.  Please remember to weara mask for your own protection while in the clinic or hospital.