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Living with CF


We strongly encourage you to plan with your child to have a long and full life. Education is part of that. Children with CF can participate in all the activities that children without CF can participate in. They should be encouraged to work hard in school and plan for their future. However, there may be times when having CF interferes with their daily routine or their ability to meet all expectations. Children and adults with CF also have special needs that we need to prioritize in order to keep them healthy in school and give them the best chance of success.

To that end, we usually encourage all families to work with their schools to establish an appropriate 504 plan or IEP if needed. This is often something that you initiate when your child begins Kindergarten but can be initiated at any time over the years they are in school.

When students get to college and post graduate education levels, schools have fewer guidelines that they must follow and the rules change but you are still eligible for certain accommodations and services. Registering with the Office For Disabilities at the university or college your are enrolled in should be a first step. Accommodations for residency are very common and your CF center social worker will assist you with this.

You will find links below to helpful information about school and CF, as well as stories from our families about common issues they have dealth with in school.  For those in college, there is also information on going away to school and what to think about.  The social worker at our center can assist you with any of your school related needs.

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