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Living with CF

Adulthood and Cystic Fibrosis

People with CF are now living full lives well into adulthood.  Our patients have careers and families and work hard every day to stay well. Young adults transition to the adult CF program by age 23 or before.  The adult program works hard to provide the same level of care that patients have grown up with in their pediatric centers.  However, adulthood brings different challenges and adventures and the adult team pays close attention to those issues.  The major decisions and events that adults with CF face are career, marriage, families, future planning and planning for their healthcare. 


Pretty soon, over half of the population living with CF will be over 18.  The CF Foundation and adult CF programs around the country are working hard to address the special needs of adults.  Below are some links to more information:


Living with CF as an Adult


Fertility and Family Planning


CF In The Workplace


Lung Transplantation


It is important to remember, whether you have a newly diagnosed infant or you are a young adult graduating from high school, you can have a full life.  CF will present you or your adult child with challenges and hurdles but there will be a lot of support along the way.  Be open to the possibilities and you will achieve much more than you might think.