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Health insurance and health care costs can be very intimidating.  Health insurance has become very complex in today's world and it can sometimes feel like your health insurance gets in the way of good health care! As a parent of someone living with CF or an adult who is living with CF, it is very important that you understand your benefit plan and stay on top of the changes that often happen in a plan on an annual basis.  The social worker at your CF center would be happy to help you understand and navigate this universe if things get complicated.  Our office also has a department for prior authorizations that helps to get things approved when needed, whether that is an expensive test or a medication that might requires approval.  Please feel free to call our office when you have questions. 


The recent health care legislation and addition of Obamacare has helped people with CF in many ways but has also complicated things. If you have questions about the healthcare legislation or Obamacare, please click here to go to the website. 


Click here for a helpful breakdown of the new legislation and changes in the law.  Below is also a helpful breakdown of the changes that came with the new healthcare legislation.   If you believe you might qualify for NJ Family Care or medicaid, this is also a good site to go to for information.  You can also go to


In some cases, you may find yourself without health insurance and not knowing what to do.  Please be assured that we are here to help guide you through this and can help you get many of your medications.  Please call the center social worker if you need help.


The CF Foundation has also established a patient resource center that might be very helfpul for those who find themselves in difficult situations with health insurance.  For more information, click here.


More resources for help can be found in the section titled Support Program on this website.  Click here to go directly to that page.

Below are two more helpful documents developed by the CF Foundation to help navigate the world of health insurance.

Know Your Health Insurance

Working With Your CF Center and Insurance Company