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Creating a Support System and Moving Forward

It is important to note that CF is a chronic disease and you/your child will live with this for your entire life. You will be asked to learn about various treatments and medications that you/your child requires daily. These treatments are intended to slow the progression of the disease and keep you/your child healthy. These treatments typicallly include airway clearance, nebulizer treatments, pancreatic enzymes, CF specific vitamins and oral antibiotics. We strongly encourage you to think about taking some of these steps to help with the adjustment:

- Make CF treatments part of your daily routine

- Share responsibilities with your partner/family member

- Find people to talk to, develop a support system

- Expect letdowns, do not expect this to be a smooth road

- Take time for yourself and do things you enjoy


Once you have made the initial adjustment to CF, you will start looking forward and planning ahead. As you and your family move through life, here are some age specific resources that might be helpful.

Travelling with CF

Adolescence and CF

Goalsfor Self Management Through the Lifespan

Puberty and Fertility in CF

Parenting Children with CF - Siblings

Sexuality and Fertility - A guide for Adults