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Staying Healthy


Promote Emotional Wellbeing

  • Foster resilience: through purpose, setting expectations, letting go and savoring the good
  • Self compassion: studies show that people who have compassion for themselves are happier, more optimistic and movre grateful vs. self criticism: leads to higher rates of depression and stress, with less effective coping
  • Self acceptance: reduces your battle with yourself, frees you to be more peaceful and happy
  • Learn mindfulness: or relaxation practices that soothe and center you
  • Healthy lifestyle: Exercise, Sleep, and Eat!
  • "Neurons that fire together, wire together" : .... Change your thoughts and you will change how you feel
  • Be flexible: expect the unexpected, redefine "success" to find your happiest life
  • Acknowledge fear: and develop inner strength

Guides to Help You

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