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Tips for Good Therapy

Click here for tips on how to give your child medicine


AGE 0-3pic1

  • Read stories and cuddle during neb and treatment time
  • Blow bubbles 
  • Sing songs
  • Be goofy
  • Bounce on a exercise ball gently with child on lap
  • Infants - Use exercise ball and gently bounce and stretch babies arms and legs, clap and laugh on it while singing to your baby (ABCs work), tickle the baby
  • Chase them on your hands and knees, be animals, growl
  • Party blowers
  • 9-24 months- mini- trampoline for 10 minutes holding his hands babies love to bounce
  • Make him/her laugh till they cough (Tickle me Elmo)

Always do nebulizer treatment before the 20 minutes of play, chase, or ball.  Encourage the other siblings to participate.  Substitute 1 fun family therapy – jumping, swimming - and skip the real one once a week as a reward.


 AGE 4-8

All the above and add in once or twice a week, or as a reward

  • Exercise ball and bounce laugh sing Humm (20 min)
  • Humming is a great lead in to the Huff coughpic2
  • Blow toys (party blower)
  • Roll inflated toys, play crawling games, hide and seek
  • Mini trampoline with assistance
  • Bubble pep


AGE 8-Adult

  • Family Swim; 30 minutes playing in the water
  • Water slide, kick the width with a kickboard, race each other
  • Kickball with the family and friends
  • One legged races, hop till you drop
  • Skip and sing
  • Exercise ball
  • Hand PD – just for a change
  • Mini trampoline, trampoline
  • Square Dance,  ZUMBA,  Roller skate or blades
  • Spinning
  • Biking, Hiking
  • Common sense should prevail always do the neb treatment  first, develop healthy habits and encourage your child !OR yourself!!



In addition to respiratory therapies and oral medications, exercise has been found to be extremely beneficial to people living with CF at all ages. We cannot underestimate the importance of adding this to you/your child's routines. Patients report a much greater feeling of well being when involved in a regular exercise routine.

Click here to learn more about the importance of regular exercise in CF.