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EMS Program
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Elective Details

EMS Third and Fourth Year Elective

*Please note that the EMS elective has been suspended for a short period of time and we will resume in the near future.

We are excited to provide an outstanding Pre-Hospital (EMS) elective rotation to medical students. These activities are flexible depending upon the student interests. This elective may be scheduled for 2-4 weeks. Please contact Dan Ostin at 732-235-4565 to register for the elective or Diane Wormann at 732-235-8783 for further information. The course number is EMED 9009.
This will be an exciting month that will provide you will all aspects of Emergency Medical Services!

  • Ride along with NJ State EMS Physician vehicle (MD-1) which is based out of RWJUH responding to life threatening 911 calls throughout New Jersey
  • Work in our new Academic Emergency Department
  • Ride with our Advanced Life Support units
  • Attend the monthly EMS Research Meetings
  • Attending the monthly Emergency Preparedness meeting
  • Attend all State EMS meetings
  • Attend the monthly SWAT drill
  • Ride along on physician Response vehicle with the EMS/Disaster Medicine Fellow
  • Spend day in regional dispatch center answering 911 calls
  • Attend all EMS/Disaster Medicine related conferences
  • Spend time with State Paramedic Director understanding state wide and national EMS issues
  • Ride along on the State EMS helicopter
  • Attend all NJ EMS Task Force Drills