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Scholarly Activity & Research

Welcome to the Emergency Department web-site for scholarly activity. We have developed several focused areas of investigation that include ED Operations, Emergency Medical Services, Toxicology, Ultrasound, Medical Student and Resident Education, and Resuscitation. There are opportunities for scholarly activity with the narrative experience of the practice of medicine. These areas take advantage of our special position as a young residency program and build upon active collaborations with the Departments of Medicine, Cardiology, Critical Care, Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, Rheumatology, and Radiology. They also include connections with the Rutgers School of Public Health, Rutgers - University Center for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response and Rutgers - Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research. We look forward to new collaborations given the recent merger with Rutgers University.

Thank you for viewing our web-site during this exciting time.

Jonathan McCoy, MD, FACEP,

Director of Research






ED Operations - Robert Eisenstein, MD

EMS - Joshua Bucher, MD

Ultrasound - Christopher Bryczkowski, MD

Education - Grant Wei, MD

Resuscitation - Jonathan McCoy, MD