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New Jersey Primary Care Research Network

History of the Network

Since 2001, the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School has been developing and operating the NJPCRN a practice-based research network of nearly 120 primary care practices, more than 300 physicians and approximately 750,000 patients. Participating practices are located in all 21 NJ counties in a variety of urban, suburban and semi-rural settings.

The network was initially developed in partnership with the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians and the Departments of Family Medicine at UMDNJ- New Jersey Medical School and UMDNJ-School of Osteopathic Medicine and led by Benjamin Crabtree, Ph.D. From 2004 to 2011, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) first provided infrastructure funding for the development of the network as a shared resource of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

Over 10-plus years since its establishment, the network has served as the “laboratory” for a series of observational and intervention studies led by re- searchers from Family Medicine and other departments at RWJMS and NJMS as well as investigators from CINJ. These studies have brought more than $10 million in total research funding, led to numerous research presentations and publications, and have influenced primary care practice across the country.

In September 2012, Jeanne Ferrante, MD, MPH was named the new Director of NJPCRN. The Medical Director of NJPCRN is Elizabeth Clark, MD, MPH. The Network Manager is Toya Simmons, MPH, CHES.

Current Research Initiatives

Reducing Health Disparities by Decreasing Weight Bias
PI: Jeanne Ferrante, MD, MPH
Funding Source: NCI
Recruitment Needs: Open to enrollment
Contact Information: Jeanne Ferrante, or (732) 743-3386

Extended Cancer Education for Longer Term Survivors
PI: Shawna Hudson, PhD
Funding Source: NCI
Recruitment Needs: Open to enrollment
Contact Information: Denalee O'Malley, or (732) 743-3335

Using Systems Engineering Analyses to Optimize Workforce Redesign in Primary Care
PI: Elizabeth Clark, MD, MPH
Funding Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Jersey Health
Recruitment Needs: Closed to enrollment

Previous Research

Randomized Control Trial of Controlled Breathing Effects on Ambulatory BP
PI: Lynn P. Clemow PhD
Funding Source: NIH/NHLBI, 2007-2014

Biofeedback:  Its Role in Asthma Therapeutics
PI: Paul Lehrer, PhD
Funding Source: NIH/NHLBI, 2011-2013

Organizational Self-assessment to Improve Diabetes Care
PI: Jesse Crosson, PhD
Funding Source: NIDDK, 2008-2011

Using Learning Teams for Reflective Adaptation (ULTRA)
PI: Benjamin Crabtree, PhD
Funding Source: NHLBI, 2002-2007

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening in Obese Women
PI: Jeanne Ferrante, MD, MPH
Funding Source: NIH/NCI, 2005-2009

Translating Research into Action for Diabetes (TRIAD)
Healing Relationships Survey of Physicians
PI: Jesse Crosson, PhD
Funding Source: CDC/NIDDK, 2009-2010

The Role of EMR's in Communicating about Medication Management
PI: Deborah Cohen, PhD (Oregon Health and Science University)
Funding Source: NHLBI, 2009-2011

Supporting Colorectal Cancer Outcomes through Participatory Enhancements (SCOPE)
PI: Benjamin F. Crabtree, PhD
Funding Source: NIH/NCI, 2005-2012

Title VII – Academic Administrative Units in Primary Care
PI: Alfred Tallia, MD, MPH
Funding Source: HRSA, 2008-2012

Older Breast Cancer Survivors: How Health Beliefs Affect Their Decisions about Preventive Care and Treatment
PI: Marsha Rosenthal, MPA, PhD
Funding Source: CINJ-Pilot, 2010-2012

Evaluation of Horizon Health Innovation's PCMH Program
PI: Jeanne Ferrante, MD, MPH
Funding Source: Horizon Blue Cross Shield of New Jersey, 2011-2014