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Mission and Objectives


Mission and Objectives

The mission of the New Jersey Primary Care Research Network (NJPCRN), a collaborative partnership between primary care practices and a multidisciplinary team of researchers, is to:

Improve the quality of health care through the generation of research findings that can inform and influence primary care practice and public policy.

The objectives of the NJPCRN are to:

  • Serve as a research laboratory for clinical trials and other studies testing the effectiveness of interventions to improve the quality of care and health outcomes in primary care settings.
  • Collect observational data on practice patterns and trends in New Jersey.
  • Collect patient-level health surveillance data.
  • Disseminate key research findings and data reports to primary care clinicians to help improve their practices.
  • Provide brief reports to policy makers in New Jersey to inform public debates about how to improve primary care quality.
  • Educate the public about primary care in New Jersey.

To meet these objectives the NJPCRN will track patterns of care in New Jersey primary care practices and serve as a laboratory for conducting research on quality of care. Participating practices provide access to the NJPCRN to collect data from each practice in order to create a core data set for longitudinal analysis of patterns of primary care in New Jersey.