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Family Medicine
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New Chief Conference 2018


                                Rutgers Network of Affiliated Family Medicine Residencies


                                                   Is pleased to announce the


                                                             18th Annual


                                                        Family Medicine


                                          Chief Resident Leadership Training


                                         Tues., May 22 – Thurs., May 24, 2018


                                                            The Heldrich Hotel


                                                             10 Livingston Ave


                                                         New Brunswick, NJ  08901


                                       “absolutely essential for all chief residents”

                                                            (former attendee)

This course is designed to prepare the new Chief Resident and was created in response to requests for
in-depth training for Family Medicine Chief Residents as they begin their new responsibilities.

Individuals selected to be chief resident frequently possess natural ability to function in this role but often
receive little or no formal training. This course increases the effectiveness of Chief Residents by developing
their management and leadership skills.

Faculty: The nationally renowned Patricia D. Williams, M.D. is a consultant in human interaction and
organization development. She practiced Family Medicine and taught at the Maine-Dartmouth Family Practice Residency before training intensively at NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science.
She is a member of NTL and on the faculty of Jefferson Medical College and American University.


To register, please contact:                                       

                                                              Heather Sohia Lee, PhD

                              Director, Rutgers Network of Affiliated Family Medicine Residencies

                                                                   (848) 932-0216



                                                                       Mary Hunter

                        Network Assistant, Rutgers Network of Affiliated Family Medicine Residencies

                                                                      (848) 932-0225