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NRSA Fellowship Program


Fellowship Research

Karen Danna-Lynch, PhD

Karen Danna-Lynch’s resesarch primarily focuses on decision-making, change processes, and organizational strategies. Karen examines how these processes play out at both the individual and collective level. She has a particular interest in the interconnections between thought and action, and the affects of technology on organizations. As part of the NRSA Fellowship, Karen works on data collection and data analysis on numerous studies with her primary mentor, Jesse Crosson, PhD: (“Translating Research into Action for Diabetes II,” “Organizational self-assessment to improve diabetes care in primary care practices,” and “Building an Implementation Toolset for E-Prescribing”) and also with Deborah Cohen, PhD: (“Cardiovascular Disease Care and EMR Use in Community-based Primary Care Practice”). Karen is the lead and/or contributing author on several papers derived from these analyses. In addition, Karen is currently writing a book based on her dissertation.

Asia Friedman, PhD

Dr. Friedman is currently working with Dr. Deborah Cohen on her study of the use of electronic medical records (EMR) in community-based primary care practices. This study combines ethnographic observations, in-depth interviews, and survey data to capture how these practices actually use their EMR systems, and the extent to which they have achieved full implementation and meaningful use. Dr. Friedman is collecting the data in one practice as well as participating in the data analysis and writing. Dr. Friedman is also working with Dr. Jeanne Ferrante on her research on “Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening in Obese Women,” funded by the National Cancer Institute. This interview study seeks to identify barriers to preventive screening unique to obese women.  Dr. Friedman is taking part in the data analysis and writing. Additionally, she is also working with Dr. Jeanne Ferrante on “Factors Affecting Men’s Decisions Regarding Prostate Cancer Screening and Treatment,” helping with qualitative data analysis and writing.

Anna M. Rehwinkel, PsyD

Anna M. Rehwinkel joined the postdoctoral fellowship in June 14, 2010. Dr. Rehwinkel recently graduated from La Salle University with her doctorate in clinical pyschology with a concentration on health psychology.Generally, her clinical and research interest is in the field of behavioral medicine and health disparities. Before joining the department, Dr. Rehwinkel worked to provide psychological services to an underserved population in a variety of settings that include, but are not limited to: Resources for Human Development, Cooper University Hospital Cancer Institute, UMDNJ-Camden, and the North Dakota Department of Human Services. Dr. Rehwinkel is currentlyworking withher mentorLynn Clemow, PhDon the NIH-funded“Taking Action by Learning and Knowledge Management to Improve Diabetes Mellitus,” where will serve as a facilitator, training primary care staff on Motivational Interviewing. Additionally, Dr. Rehwinkelplans oncollaborating with staff within the department on projects related to integrating behavioral healthcare into primary care medicine.