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NRSA Fellowship Program

Salary and Benefits

Stipends are set by the NIH and can be found at the NIH NRSA website. Click Here for more information

Stipends are based on the number of full years of postdoctoral experience and/or training you have at the time the fellowship begins.

Stipends are paid every two weeks. Social security is not deducted from your stipend. Stipends are not subject to self-employment tax (FICA), but are subject to federal taxes. The IRS requires that you also report course tuition as income.

Medical and Dental Benefits

Trainees in the NRSA postdoctoral fellowship are eligible for medical and dental insurance, both for themselves and their families, beginning on the first day of their fellowship. There may be a charge for your medical benefits, depending on the plan you select. Dental benefits are paid by you, but available through the university’s plan. The NRSA fellowship does not pay for medical and dental benefits for you family, although these are available. For more information on the medical and dental benefits, please visit:

Click Here for a link to information about the University Health Plan


The training grant provide assistant annually for tuition and fees. This money can be used to take full courses at any of the area universities. It cannot, however, be used for conferences, pre-conference workshops or other workshops and multi-day training programs. For trainees enrolling in classes at UMDNJ-RWJ Medical School, tuition exemptions and waivers may apply. Students are responsible for completing Waiver Forms.