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Research Methods

The Research Division has both a quantitative and qualitative methods core, and faculty and staff regularly use mixed methodologies when attempting to address some of the most pressing questions facing health care today.

Faculty and staff in our quantitative core have expertise in epidemiology and biostatistics and have over a decade of experience applying these methods to research in primary care settings. We have the staff and tools needed to efficiently conduct surveys and medical chart audits, and to support a wide range of quantitative analyses.

Faculty and staff in our qualitative core have a wide range of expertise in sociology, anthropology and communication, and use the full spectrum of qualitative data collection methods (e.g. observation, interviewing) in our practice-based research. Our qualitative research team builds on a strong history of qualitative research and its application in primary care and health services research. Some examples of our work include:

A web-based tool we developed for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

We have a history of using our mixed methods expertise in program evaluation. Our work in program evaluation gives our team unique expertise in tensions that manifest in effectiveness and translation research.

Members of our faculty led the evaluation of the Prescription for Health program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and AHRQ

Member of our faculty led the TransforMED National Demonstration Project evaluation (funded by AAFP and the Commonwealth Fund) and we have conducted a number of evaluations for local primary care quality improvement efforts.

  • And, we have developed and applied novel methods to facilitate the assessment of implementation in effectiveness studies conducted in primary care settings.
  • For more information on Prescription for Health, please click here.
  • For more information on the National Demonstration Project (TransforMED) evaluation, please click here.
  • For more information on the online diary method we developed, please click here.

While we have worked on a number of national demonstration projects, the New Jersey Primary Care Research Network (NJPCRN) is our local laboratory for conducting practice-based and translation research in New Jersey.