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yuf Fran Yu, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor


Dr. Fran Yu is Board-certified in Family Medicine and earned her Doctor of Medicine from Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences in China. She completed her residency at Maine Dartmouth Family Practice in Augusta, ME. Before her residency training, she received additional residency training in Neurology in China and then earned her PhD in Neuroscience in Japan. She is also a certified Physician Acupuncturist from Harvard Medical School Continuing Educational Program. Dr. Yu is able to treat patients of all ages. Dr. Yu’s experience and her multicultural background have afforded her sensitivity and respect for the diverse population of patients and families we serve at our community. In her spare time, Dr. Yu enjoys gardening and raising hens in her backyard.

Undergraduate School and Area of Concentration

Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences in China, Doctor of Medicine

Graduate School and field of study

Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences in China, Doctor of Medicine
Kyushu University School of Medicine in Japan, PhD of Neuroscience


Maine Dartmouth Family Practice, Family Medicine
Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences in China, Neurology

Board Certification

American Board of Family Medicine

Key Publications

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