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The seventh annual Professor Richard A. Harvey Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Dr. Richard A. Harvey

 Dr. Harvey is one of three emeritus professors in the Department of Biochemistry and is recognized internationally for his authorship of texts in medical education.  Dr. Harvey has established the Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award as a stimulus to teaching excellence by the RWJMS faculty.  Dr. Harvey is also a generous supporter of the RWJMS Institute for Excellence in Education.

 Nomination Process

The Professor Richard A. Harvey Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award will be administered through the Office of Education.  Nominees must be full time faculty in either a basic science or clinical department of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.   Nominations should be made by the chair and submitted to the Office of Education as a complete packet.

Nominee Requirement


 The nominee will submit a personal statement outlining how the award of $3,500 will be used to further innovation in the educational program.  Previous awardees are ineligible for the award.


Selection Criteria


Nominees will be chosen based on the learner evaluations, educational program activities, and the proposed use of the award.  The Selection Committee will be composed of members of the Institute for Excellence in Education.

Nomination deadline:  December 1, 2016



News and Events


  • Sponsored by the medical school's Institute for Excellence in Medical Education, a special CME-Certified Grand Rounds event held April 7 featured nationally renowned Timothy P. Brigham, MDiv, PhD, chief of staff and senior vice president of the Department of Education, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) in an in-depth discussion on wellness and resilience for physicians and residents.

    During the workshop, Dr. Brigham explored the complex issues surrounding resident and practicing physician wellness; reflected on current trends affecting resident and practicing physician wellness and stressors leading to burnout and suicide; and discussed work being done at a national level through the ACGME's efforts to address the need for prevention and counseling programming, support systems and solutions.

  • Dr. Sarang Kim was the recipiant of the 2017 Harvey Award.
  • Stay tuned for 2016-17 dates for Seminars programing on:
    • Health Systems Science and Value Based Care
    • Wellness in Graduate Medical Education
    • Bringing the Basic Sciences back to Everydau Medical Practice
    • The Value of Basic Science in Clinical Diagnosis
  • Dr. Emine Abali was the recipiant of the 2015 Harvey Award.
  • Meet the new fellows of the Academy of Medical Educators
    • Joyce Afran, M.D.
    • Saum Rahimi, M.D.
    • Paul Weber, M.D.
  • Dr. Emine Abali was the GSBS Recipient of Excellence in Teaching award from the NJ Health Foundation 2015. She was also a recipiant if the Most Caring Teacher Award in 2015. In 2014 Dr . Emine Abali recieved the an award from MedEd Portal Publications for Outstanding Reviewer.
  • Dr. Siobhan Corbett, Dr. Emine Abali and Dr. Anthony Tobia all recieved teaching awards from the graduating class of 2015.
  • Dr. Rob Zachow, a charter Academy member, has been elected by the student body to the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society.        
  • Meet the new fellows of the Academy of Medical Educators
  • November 24, 2015  was the first retreat for the Institute for Excellence in Education. Please see the Executive Summary of the meeting.

Invitation to apply for membership to the Academy of Education of the Institute for Excellence in Education


Applications will be reviewed quarterly:


Deadlines:              March 1, 2017

                             June 1, 2017

                             September 1, 2017

                             December 1, 2017


Please click here for the Application.