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Division Research

The Division's faculty has a broad range of research interests. These include epidemiology and outcome of bloodstream infections (Dr. Melvin Weinstein); development and evaluation of innovative culture and nonculture-based systems to detect bloodstream infections (Dr. Melvin Weinstein); laboratory detection of emerging antimicrobial resistance (Dr. Melvin Weinstein); improved methods of in vitro susceptibility testing (Dr. Melvin Weinstein); HIV prevention and education (Drs. Julia Cornett and Melvin Weinstein); improved screening and linkage to care for individuals at risk for HCV infection (Dr. Julia Cornett); implementation of systems to optimize the rational use of antimicrobial agents (Dr. Tanaya Bhowmick); and clinical trials of innovative antibiotics for multidrug-resistant bacteria (Drs. Tanaya Bhowmick and Melvin Weinstein).

In addition, the ID and allergy faculty annually mentor medical residents and ID fellows in numerous quality assurance and other clinical research projects.