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Residency Highlights

Humanism and Professional Council

Created in 1997, the Humanism and Professionalism Council was the Department of Medicine's response to the ABIM Project Professionalism. The purpose of the council is to oversee educational programs that enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors of residents and fellows which are essential to continuing medical professionalism.   The council meets quarterly and makes recommendations to the department chair regarding policies, procedures, and standards relevant to medical professionalism.  Members include the residency program director and associate directors, faculty, chief residents, elected fellows and residents, medical students, nurses, chaplains, and a bioethicist.

This Council conducts a periodic needs assessment to formulate the part of our curriculum known as, “The Art of Medicine”.   The curriculum for these sessions includes: professional etiquette, informed consent, patient counseling, palliative care discussions, cross cultural medicine, conflict resolution, empathy, altruism and interactions with the pharmaceutical l industry. These sessions are conducted in a variety of formats such as lectures, panel discussions, role playing and clinical vignettes.