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Cell Signaling Networks

Welcome to the Jacinto Lab at RUTGERS!!!

Our laboratory aims to understand how cellular signals are wired to control growth and metabolism. We focus on the cell signaling pathways that are triggered by the presence of nutrients and growth factors such as insulin. Our studies have direct implications for understanding and developing therapy for
growth, metabolic, aging, and developmental disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and immunological diseases. We combine yeast, mammalian cells and mouse models for our studies.

Jacinto Lab/Stand Up 2 Cancer Video


KEYWORDS: cell growth, metabolism, cancer, diabetes, signal transduction, mTOR signaling, nutrient and insulin/IGF-1 signaling, T cell development, protein kinases, protein synthesis and maturation


Our research is currently supported by the National Institutes of Health (NCI and NIGMS); American Association for Cancer Research/Stand Up to Cancer; Cancer Research Institute.

We also acknowledge previous funding sources: American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research