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Message From the Chair

Gary Brewer, PhDBiochemistry & Molecular Biology is a research and teaching Department within Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  Faculty investigate diverse research topics including enzymology of DNA replication; heterochromatin assembly; epigenetics; mechanisms and regulation of gene expression from DNA to RNA to protein; protein design and evolution; growth regulation by nutrients and hormones; lysosome biology; bacterial signal transduction; and bacterial toxins and antitoxins.  Our faculty members are internationally recognized experts in these fields and publish their research in top-tier research journals.  As such, they are often called upon to serve on journal editorial boards and grant review panels.

Many agencies currently support our research efforts, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation, The New Jersey Stem Cell Commission, the Human Frontiers in Science Program, the American Cancer Society, and Stand Up To Cancer. 

The Department also administers or has faculty who direct NIH training grant awards devoted to investigating virus-host interactions; to increasing the participation of underrepresented minorities in biomedical science; and in the training of postdoctoral fellows.

The Department is involved in numerous teaching activities for medical and graduate students and students in the Physician Assistant (PA) program.  Our faculty members teach in core and non-core courses within the graduate programs of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at RWJMS (GSBS at RWJMS).  The Department is responsible for organizing and teaching within the GI, Metabolism, and Nutrition course in the curriculum for medical students, as well as teaching in many other blocks within our first- and second-year curriculum.  Our faculty members also teach in the PA course on Medical Biochemistry.  The Department has been instrumental in the development of the new Masters of Biomedical Sciences Program in the GSBS at RWJMS.

We are very proud of our continuing contributions and accomplishments.  Explore our website and please feel free to contact our faculty if you have questions.

Gary Brewer, PhD
Professor and Interim Chairman