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Laboratory of Molecular Neurogenetics

The Laboratory of Molecular Neurogenetics studies genetic factors that contribute to neurological diseases.  Interests include both neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, intrauterine growth restriction, pre-term birth, low birth weight and spina bifida  and neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson's disease, the genetic ataxias, and. Research endeavors also include the use of a gene-teratogen model to identify maternally acting gene alleles that act in the mother during pregnancy to increase the likelihood of a neurodevelopmental disorder.


Current Research Studies

Current research studies include an autism treatment trial (below), identifying maternal risk factors in autism including the role of HLA alleles as well as alleles of folate / one-carbon metabolism.


Current Clinical Study

Dr. William G. Johnson of Rutgers-RWJMS and collaborators are recruiting for a treatment trial to determine if sulforaphane improves core symptoms in autism in a New Jersey population. This trial is being done with the support of the New Jersey Governor’s Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism and the New Jersey Department of Health.

For more information on this trial, please visit our study page HERE

You can visit the studies page for additional information on this trial (study number NCT02677051) HERE


Clincal Study Contact:

If you would like us to contact you about this trial please click HERE.

Or contact the study coordinator Edward Scot Stenroos at:

Phone     (732) 235-5490

Fax         (732) 235-5295





William G. Johnson, M.D.
Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Department of Neurology
Staged Research Building, Room 123
661 Hoes Lane West
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Phone: (732) 235-4508
Fax: (732) 235-5295

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