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Sulforaphane Study 



We are inviting individuals with autism to take part in a treatment trial called:


“Sulforaphane in Autism. A treatment trial to confirm phenotypic improvement with sulforaphane treatment in a NJ population of individuals with autism.” led by Dr. William G. Johnson.


This trial is being done with the support of the New Jersey Governor’s Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism and the New Jersey Department of Health.

This study will test to see if sulforaphane improves core symptoms in autism.


We will also test specific chemicals and genes needed for sulforaphane usage to try to understand differences in response.


Sulforaphanes come from eating cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli but method of cooking or even how much the vegetables is chewed changes the amount available greatly. We will be using a preparation that gives specific and reproducible amounts that is well tolerated. 


This study is an 18-week clinical study. Male adolescents and adults in the age group of 13-30 with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder that meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be invited to join this study.


The project study coordinator will conduct a short preliminary telephone interview with you to  answer any questions and to see if your child or adolescent meets the criteria for participating in the study.  Based upon this interview, some of the families will be invited to participate in the study.


You can visit the studies page for additional information on this trial (study number NCT02677051) HERE


You can also visit our page at the Coordinating Center of the New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence site HERE for other valuable resources, helpful information and links.


If you would like us to contact you about this trial please click here .

To directly contact us please call or e-mail at:


Investigator: William G. Johnson, M.D.

Phone          (732) 235-4508


Study Coordinator: Edward S. Stenroos:

Phone          (732) 235-5490