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Didactic Activities

Conference Schedule

The clinical conference schedule is constant and independent of the year of fellowship or the specific rotation to which the fellows are assigned.

Fellows' Didactic Conference:  This conference is held each Tuesday afternoon.  The fellows and attendings will present topics from ABOG’s “Guide to Learning in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.” The fellows will present approximately 50% of these conferences and will have an attending physician assigned to help them prepare their lecture. The slides, references, and any other relevant materials will be archived for review in the future.  On a monthly basis, this time will be utilized for a journal club.  The fellows will be responsible for presenting one or more journal articles of particular interest.  Selection of the article will be done in conjunction with the program director and the faculty member assigned to help the fellow prepare and lead the journal club presentation. 

Research Meeting:  The fellows will meet weekly with the program director to discuss ongoing and future clinical and basic science projects, statistical analysis, and manuscript preparation.