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Andrew Goodwillie


Medical School: NYU School of Medicine

College: Yale University

Hometown: New York, NY


Fellowship: Lenox Hill Sports Medicine




1. Kaplan KM. Goodwillie A. Strauss EJ. Rosen JE. Rugby injuries: a review of concepts and current literature. BULLETIN OF THE NYU HOSPITAL FOR JOINT DISEASES. 66(2):86-93, 2008.

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3. Mong JA, Devidze N, Goodwillie A, Pfaff DW. Reduction of lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase in the preoptic area of female mice mimics estradiol effects on arousal and sex behavior.PROC NAT ACAD SCI USA 2003 DEC 9;100(25):15206-15211

4. Ragnauth AK, Goodwillie A, Brewer C, Muglia LJ, Pfaff DW, Kow LM. Vasopressin stimulates ventromedial hypothalamic neurons via oxytocin receptors in oxytocin gene knockout male and female mice.NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY 2004;80(2):92-99

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