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Brian Culp



Medical School: Ohio State University Medical School

College: Ohio State University

Hometown: Akron, OH

Fellowship: Adult Recon - Rush University Hospital


Publications: Chong JL, Wenzel PL, Saenz-Robles MT, Nair V, Ferrey A, Hagan JP, Gomez YM, Sharma N, Chen HZ, Ouseph M, Wang SH, Trkha P, Culp B, Mezache L, Winton DJ, Sansom OJ, Chen D, Bremner R, Cantalupo PG, Robinson ML, Pipas JM, Leone G.  E2f1-3 switch from activators in progenitor cells to repressors in differentiating cells.  Nature. 2009 Dec 17; 462(7275):930.

 Culp B, Hurbanek JG, Novak J, McCamey KL, Flanigan DC. Acute Traumatic Sternum Fracture in a Female College Hockey Player. Orthopedics. 2010 Sep 1;33(9):683-685.