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Nagy Mikhail, M.Sc., M.D.

Present Title:
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
07/04 to Present

Administrative Title:
Chairman, Department of Pathology
Medical Director, Transfusion Medicine
Southern Ocean Medical Center
2009 to Present
Medical Director, Laboratory Services
1999 to Present

Office Address:
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
One Robert Wood Johnson Place - MEB 212
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Southern Ocean Medical Center
1140 Route 72 W
Manahawkin, NJ 08050
(609) 978-3055

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton
One Hamilton Health Place
Hamilton, NJ 08690
(609) 584-6569

Clinical Expertise:
Surgical and Clinical Pathology
Clinical Laboratory Management

Undergraduate Education:
Ain-Shams University
Cairo, Egypt
M.B., B.Ch.

Graduate Education:
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
M.Sc., Physiology

Post Graduate Training:
Robert-Wood Johnson Medical School
Piscataway, NJ
Fellow in Immunopathology
Chief Resident, Department of Pathology
Pathology Resident 
Graduate Assistant, Department of Physiology

Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
Non-Matriculated Graduate Student, Department of Physiology

Helio Hospital
Cairo, Egypt
House Physician (OB/GYN Dept.),

Ain-Shams University Hospitals
Cairo, Egypt 
Rotating Internship

Academic Appointments:
Robert-Wood Johnson Medical School
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Associate Professor
07/04 to Present  
Assistant Professor
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Instructor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Clinical Instructor
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Rutgers University and Robert-Wood Johnson Medical School
Director, Pathology course, Physicians' Assistants Program 

Hospital Appointments:
Southern Ocean County Medical Center
Manahawkin, NJ
Chairman, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
2009 to Present   
Attending Pathologist
10/96 to Present 

Bayshore Community Hospital
Holmdel, NJ
Attending Pathologist

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton
Hamilton, NJ
Attending Pathologist
07/96 to Present

State of New Jersey
New Jersey Bioanalytical Laboratory Director License

1994 - Diplomate of the American Board of Pathology (AP/CP)
1990 - Federation Licensing Examination
1987 - ECFMG Certificate   

Professional Organizations:
Fellow, College of American Pathologists

Service on UMDNJ Affiliated Hospital Committees:
Southern Ocean Medical Centerl (SOMC)
Coordinator, Quality Control of Cancer Registry Data
Medical Executive Committee
Radiation Safety Committee
Transfusion Subcommittee
Patient Care Management Committee
Cancer Committee

Selected Publications:

  • Cappell MS, Fridman D and Mikhail N. Endometriosis of the    terminal ileum simulating the clinical, roentgenographic finding in Crohn's disease. Am J Gastroenterology 1991;86(8):1057-1062.
  • Degiannis D, Luke D, Mikhail N, Raska K, Jr. and Raskova J. Binding of phycoerythrin-conjugated
    interleukin-6 in vitro-activated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells: Effect of immunosuppressive
    agents and a calcium antagonist. Transplantation 1992; 54(2):308-312.
  • Hassan T, Mikhail N, Cappell MS. Extra-pulmonic Pneumocystis carinii infection at a porta hepatis lymph
    node [Letter]  Am J Gastroenterology 1992; 87:403-404.
  • Cappell MS, Ortega A and Mikhail N. Toxoplasma Myocarditis  in AIDS [Letter] Am Heart J 1992; 123(6):1728
  • Mikhail N, Raska K, Jr. Raskova J. and Degiannis D. Effect of   Verapamil on IL-2 binding to its active
    receptor and on the release of IL-2 receptor by mitogens activated PBMC. Immuno Pharmacology 1993; 25(1):29-36.   
  • Cappell MS, Friedman D and Mikhail N. Chyloperitoneum associated  with chronic severe Sarcoidosis. AmJ Gastroenterology 1993; 88(1):99-101.
  • Cappell M, Mikhail N, Gujarl N. Gastrointestinal hemorrhage and  intestinal ischemia associated with Anticardiolipin Antibodies. Digestive Disease and Science 1994; 39(9):1359-1364.
  • N. Mikhail and J. Raskova. Pitfalls in determining the mean peak channel value for diploid G0/1 in solid
    tissue. Cytometry  (Communication in Clinical Cytometry) 1995; 22(1):80-81.
  • Chen TL, Luo I, Mikhail N, Raskova J and Raska K, Jr. Comparison of Flow and Image cytometry for DNA
    content analysis of fresh and formalin-fixed tissue in breast carcinoma. Cytometry (Communication in
    Clinical Cytometry) 1995; 22(3):181-189.
  • Richard H. Siderits, MD; Nagy H Mikhail, MD; Maria V. Abello-Poblete, MD; Carlos M Ricart, MD; Carisa
    Wilcox, MS  and Janusz J Godyn, MD. Babesiosis, significance of spleen function illustrated by
    postsplenectomy course in three cases; Infect Dis Clin Pract. 16(3):181-186, May 2008

  • Mikhail N, Luke D, Degiannis D, Raska K, Jr. and Raskova J. IL-2R expression by Ionophore,
    Phorbol-Ester, Lectin or SAC induced B Lymphocytes: Study by two-color flow cytometry technique,
    using PE-conjugated IL-2. (Abstract) 6th Annual Clinical Immunology Society Meeting, November, 1991
    Crystal City, VA.
  • Mikhail N, Luke D, Degiannis D, Raska K, Jr. and Raskova J. The effect of verapamil on biologically active
    IL-2R expression: Measurement by a flow cytometry technique using PE-conjugated  rIL-2. (Abstract)
    Am J Clin Path 1992; 97(3):443A.  Accepted   for podium presentation as a one of the ten finalists for the pathology Awards at the 1992 ASCP/CAP Spring National Meeting.
  • Mikhail N, Osman M, and Raskova J. The effect of nuclei preparation medium on the mean fluorescence
    intensity of the DNA diploid peak. (Abstract) Am J Clin Path 1993; 100(3):345A   Presented at the 1993
    Fall ASCP/CAP National Meeting, Orlando, FL.                                                            
  • Chen T L, Luo I, Mikhail N, Raskova J and Raska K, Jr. Comparison of DNA content by flow cytometry
    and Image analysis  of fresh and fixed tissue in breast carcinoma. (Abstract)  Accepted for poster
    presentation and workshop discussion at the 1993 Clinical Cytometry Society Meeting, Charleston, S.C.                                        
  • Mikhail N, Fedorciw B, Fisch J, Goldberg M, Raskova J, Lobel P, and Raska K, Jr. Elevation of Mannose-6-Phosphate containing glycoproteins in ovarian cancer. Presented at The 1995 annual meeting of The
    Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Princeton, N.J.
  • Mikhail N, Clinical application of flow cytometery. Presented at the 1995 Spring seminar of the
    New Jersey Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists.
  • Mikhail N, Flow cytometery and Hematopoietic malignancies. Presented at the 1997 Spring seminar of
    the New Jersey Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists.

  • Raskova J.,Skvara F, Shea S and Mikhail N, Laboratory Medicine Case book- An introduction to Clinical Reasoning. January 1997, Appelton and Lange, Norwalk, Connecticut.
  • Mikhail N., Raskova J, and  Shea  S. Cases-Based Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; January 2005,
    Blackwell Publishing, UK

Multimedia Educational Publications:

  • Skvara F, Mikhail N, Shea S and Raskova J. Laboratory Medicine CaseSet; A Collection of 40 cases for Laboratory medicine, Pathology, and Pathophysiology Review. 1996; Keyboard Publishing Inc. Blue Bell, PA.
  • Skvara F, Mikhail N, Shea S and Raskova J.  Lab Medicine Series; Laboratory Medicine CaseSet; 1999;
    MedTech USA, CA.