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Richard Siderits, M.D., FCAP, FASCP, FIAC, FAPWCA
Present Title:
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
07/09 to Present

Office Address:
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
One Robert Wood Johnson Place - MEB 212
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton
Department of Pathology
One Hamilton Health Place
Hamilton, NJ  08690

Clinical Expertise:

Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology and Transfusion Medicine

Research Expertise:
Breast / Colon, Parabiotics, Digital Biodynamics and History of Medicine

Undergraduate Education:
William Paterson University
Wayne, NJ
Bachelor of Science
Special Honors Program – Bio-Psychology
Special Honors Program – Life Science Ethics

Graduate Education:

Shadyside Hospital Institute of Pathology
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Shadyside Hospital Institute of Pathology
Residency in Pathology PGY 1-4
Chief Resident, Pathology

Ross University School of Medicine
Dominica, WI
Degree Conferred:  Medical Doctor

Postgraduate Training:
Shadyside Hospital Institute of Pathology
Pittsburgh, PA
Pathology Headquarters NSABP
National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP)
Chief of Experimental Pathology

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fellowship, Experimental Pathology

Academic Appointments:
Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
07/09 to Present 
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Principal Clinical Faculty, History of Medicine
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Hospital Appointments:
Staff Pathologist
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton
Southern Ocean County Hospital
Bayshore Community Hospital
3/03 to Present  

State of New Jersey
Bioanalytical Laboratory Director
Medical Physician and Surgeon

American Board of Pathology
Board Certified - Anatomic, Clinical and Cytopathology

Professional Organizations:
American Association Advancement of Science “On-Call Scientist” Program
Science and Human Rights Program (SHRP of AAAS)
In association with Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)
Sponsor of Geographic Information Systems-Corps(GIS-Corps)
New York Academy of Science “ Scientists without Borders” program
International History of  Science Society
International Academy of Science Senior Member
Member, International Academy of Cytopathology (IAC)
Fellow, IAC
IAC Recertification Examination Committee
Member, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
AMIA National Ethics Committee Member
Fellow, APWCA   
Diplomate, American Board of Pathology AP/CP/Cytology
Fellow, College of American Pathologists (CAP)
Fellow, American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP)
Member, American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)
Member, American Association of Cancer Educators
Sigma Xi International Scientific Research Society, Full Member
Member,  International Neural Network Society
Special Interest Group SIGCOM Parabiotics
Member, C.F. Reynolds Medical Historical Society
Member, New York Academy of Sciences
Member, The Hastings Center for Biomedical Ethics Research
Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton (RWJUHH)
Member, RWJUHH Surgical Council
Member, RWJUHH Ethics Committee
Member, RWJUHH Prognosis Committee
Member, RWJUHH CME Committee

Selected Publications:

  • Siderits R, Birkenstamm J, Sadamin E, Khani F, Godyn J; 3D laser scanning of  “crime scene gum” as
    a forensic method with creation of virtual tooth surface contour and web based rapid model fabrication. 
    Journal of Forensic Science submitted Sept 2008, Scheduled for publication June 2010
  • Siderits R, Ouatara O, Deng, H, Gao, H, Godyn J. Case study documenting the diagnosis of Idiopathic
    CD4+ Lymphocytopenia in a patient with Atypical Fungal Infection (disseminated blastomycosis) by FNA
    of Adrenal mass" Cytojournal Accepted for publication June 2010
  • Siderits, R. Early Trephanation Techniques: ABC-CLIO Encyclopedia of World History –Invited Contributor
    Ancient history Accepted - Scheduled publication  July 2010.

Bibliography (in peer reviewed journals):
Refereed Journals:

  • Siderits, R., Ouattara, O., Abud, A., Moubarak, I., McIntosh, N., Godyn, J. Diffuse Retroperitoneal Cystic Lymphangiomatosis, primary diagnosis by FNA. Acta Cytol 2009;53:191–194
  • Hazra, A., Siderits, R., Hazra, A., Godyn, J. Case report related to Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, World
    Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery (WJLS). Jan-Apr 2008; 1(1):6-8
  • Siderits, R., Ricart, C., Michail, N., Abello-Poblete, M., Godyn, J. Babesiosis in association
    with spontaneous rupture of spleen. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice (IDCP) May 2008
  • Siderits, R. Ricart, C., Yates, S., Godyn, J. How-to and Why: Managing Tumor Board images a
    comparison between Picasa and Thumbnailer. Journal of Registry Management 2007; 34; 2:53-56
  • Siderits, R., Dikon, A., Godyn, J. Clean Hands, Healing Hands an Unorthodox Presentation AORN
    Dec 2006: 1053-1057
  • Siderits, R. Ricart, C., Yates, S., Maksmow, M., Godyn, J. How-to and Why: Live Wireless Video from the
    Grossing Table for use during Tumor Board Conferences. Journal of Registry Management.
  • Siderits, R., Hanna, I., Baig, Z., Godyn, J. Localized ganglioneuromatosis of esophago-gastric junction
    in a patient with intestinal metaplasia and nonspecific motility disorder. World Journal of
    Gastroenterology. Dec 2006; 12(48):7874-7877
  • Siderits, R., Godyn, J., Tufankjian, D.,Ouattara, O. T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder of hand-mirror cell
    morphology presenting in an eosinophilic loculated peritoneal effusion, with omental caking Cytojournal,
    2006; 3(13):) Online
  • Siderits, R., Dikon, A., Ouattara, O.;,Godyn, J. Preparation and use of a scabies skin scraping kit: A
    photo guide. Advances in Skin and Wound Care 2006; 19(1):22-25
  • Hazra, A. Siderits, R. Godyn, J. Hypereosinophilic syndrome associated with cervical squamous cell
    carcinoma. The Female Patient 2006; 31 (Feb): 32-34
  • Godyn, J., Ryes, L., Siderits, R., Hazra, A. Cutaneous Anthrax – Conservative or surgical treatment? 
    Advances in Skin & Wound Care 2005; 18 (3):146-150
  • Fisher, E., Anderson, S., Dabbs, D., Fisher, B., Siderits, R., Pritchard, J., Pereira, T., Geyer, C.,
    Wolmark, N. Solving the dilemma of the immuno-histochemical and other methods used for scoring ER
    and PR receptors in patients with invasive breast cancer. National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel
    Project (NSABP). Cancer. 2005; 103:164-73
  • Siderits, R., Hazra, A., Causing, W., Kassan, J. On the thread of a shoe-string: Conveniently and
    inexpensively adding video segments to tumor board presentations. Journal of Registry Management,
    2005; 32 (1):39-41
  • Godyn, J., Siderits, R., Hazra, A. Schistosoma mansoni in colon and liver. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. 2005; 129:544-545
  • Siderits, R., Hazra, A., MD, Kassan, J., Mower, K. Web touring with User Centric:™ an inexpensive
    method for sharing online tumor-board and oncology related educational content between hospitals.
    Journal of Registry Management. 2004; 31(4):126-129
  • Siderits, R., Kassan, J., Maksymow, M. Tumor Board Toolbox: Using PowerPoint as a virtual archive for
    tumor board presentations, A Step by step configuration; Journal of Registry Management.
    2004; 31(1)3-5
  • Godyn, J., Siderits, R., Dzaman, J. Cutaneous anthrax images in pathology, Archives of Pathology and
    Laboratory Medicine, 2004 128:709-710
  • Koros, A., Siderits, R., Goodwin, D., Malavasi, F. Natural Killer” (NK) cell antigens CD56, CD57 and others
    expressed on breast and lung tumor cells as well as sea urchin coelomocytes. Journal of Biological
    Regulators and Homeostatic Agents, Nov. 2002 16:173-175
  • Preston, K., Joe, B., Siderits, R. Three-Dimensional reconstruction of the human renal glomerulus. Journal
    of Microscopy. 1995; 177(1):7-17
  • Shubert, E., Gross, W., Siderits, R., Deckenbaugh, L., Fang, H., Becich, M. A pathologist-designed
    imaging system for anatomic pathology sign-out, teaching and research. Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology, 1994; 11(4):263-273
  • Greene, J., Preston, K., Wolfe, C., Siderits, R. Tri-dimensional computer model simulating early
    intraductal carcinoma of breast. Cancer Watch, 1993; 2(April):60-61
  • Preston, K., Siderits, R. New techniques for three-dimensional data analysis in histology, Analytical and Quantitative Cytology and Histology. 1992; 14(5):398-406
  • Fisher, E., Siderits, R. Value of cytometric analysis for distinction of intraductal carcinoma of breast,
    Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 1992; 21:165-172
  • Siderits, R. Rapid intubation device. Lab Animal. 1992; April:41-42
  • Fisher, B., Gunduz, N., Costantino, J., Fisher, E., Redmond, C., Mamounas, E., Siderits, R. DNA flow
    cytometric analysis of primary operable breast cancer. Cancer 1991; 68:1465-1475
  • Fisher, E., Kenny, J., Sass, R., Dimitrov, N., Siderits, R., Redmond, C., Fisher, B. Medullary cancer of
    breast revisited. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 1990; 16:215-229
  • Siderits, R., Evans, C., Welling, J. A three dimensional reconstruction of metastatic adenocarcinoma. 
    Biotechniques (Cover image). 1990; 8:670-672
  • Fisher, E., Siderits, R., Sass, R., Fisher, B. “Value of assessment of ploidy in rectal cancers”. Archives of
    Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. 1989; 113:525-528
  • Colt, H., Siderits, R. Of wigs and walking sticks: A brief review of medical costume through the ages.
    Residents Forum in Internal Medicine, 1988; 1(2):4-8

2000 – 2009:  Selected Invited Presentations

  • 03/09  “Tumor Mediated Immune Constructs”  6th Ann. Conf. on Cancer Drugs Research &
    Developments, Philadelphia
  • 03/09 “ Multiplex Staining in Breast Carcinoma” US-CAP Boston Invited Educational Seminar
    presentation BioCare
  • 02/09 “Understanding Forensic Medicine” Center for Health & Wellness Mini-Med Community Program
    and BSCH CME
  • 01/09 “Atypical Fungal Infections” RWJUHH & BSCH CME
  • 01/09 “Rh Incompatibility” Sponsored Teleconference CSL Behring
  • 11/08 “Recognizing Medical Quackery” WIMG & WZBN "Top Ten Medical Stories in the News Interview 
  • 08/08 “In the Public Interest”  WIMG & WZBN "Top Ten Medical Stories in the News Interview 
  • 05/08 “The Top ten medical stories in the news”, RWJUHH-Center for Health and Wellness (CHW)
  • 03/08 “Understanding Medicine, a non medical perspective”, RWJUHH-CHW
  • 7/06 “Medical Quackery: past present and future”, RWJUHH-CHW
  • 05/06 “Death and Dying: a discussion panel for End of Life Issues”, RWJUHH-CHW 
  • 03/06 “The Tumor Board Toolbox, revised and revisited”, RWJUHH-CHW
  • 03/05 “History of Medicine and History of Human Disease”, RWJUHH-CHW
  • 08/04 “New Techniques in Information Management”, RWJUHH-CHW  
  • 06/04 “Illness and Wellness” Opening session RWJUHH-CHW Mini-Med school
  • 04/04 “Health and Healthcare, a Forward Looking Historical Perspective”,  NJ Society of Histology
  • 07/03 “Medicine and Health – Know about Pathology in 30 Minutes”,  RWJUHH-CHW
  • 06/03 “Movie Night – A Unique way to look at the history of medicine”, RWJUHH-CHW