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Prematurity and Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths in the United States

A new study by Drs. Ostfeld, Schwartz-Soicher, Reichman and Hegyi, was just releast as an e-pub ahead of publication in the July issue of Pediatrics (Pediatrics 2017;140(1);e20163334). 

Prematurity continues to be an important risk factor for sudden unexpected infant deaths, with shorter gestational ages associated with higher risk.  The study found that despite the 2011 AAP recommendations for increased safe sleep education in NICUs, the rates of SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths remained inversely associated with gestational age in the two year period following the release of the 2011 guidelines. That is, the the shorter the gestational age, the higher the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths, even after controlling for other contributing factors. For infants born between 24 and 27 weeks gestational age, the risk of a sudden unexpected infant death is over three times greater than for term infants.The study suggests that the risk of a sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) associated with preterm birth has multiple etiologies that require continued investigation.  These include, "biological vulnerabilities and also the efficacy of current NICU safe sleep education programs and that strategies to reduce SUID should be multifaceted."  An additional finding of this study is that maternal smoking during pregnancy continues to be associated with an elevated risk of SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths.


To access the article, click on the link below:


October is SIDS Awareness Month

The SIDS Center of New Jersey is pleased to report that Governor Christie has just renewed the annual proclamation declaring October to be SIDS Awareness Month. We encourage birthing hospitals and other institutions and community programs that work with families to undertake an activity that will highlight the safe infant sleep recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. These evidence-based practices are associated with significant reductions in the rate of SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths. You are welcome to use our English and Spanish safe infant sleep flyers. Please call th hotline to request electronic copies.

SCNJ EMS Training Article

The SCNJ article, The Role of the EMS Provider in Promoting Safe Infant Sleep to Reduce Infant Mortality, has been selected by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services as the Article of the Month (October) for the EMS for Children Program. The link is below.

On-line EMS Training Video from Florida DCF

An on-line educational video on safe sleep for EMS providerswas developed through the Florida DCV and is available at:


SCNJ Presents Safe Sleep Education at 2017 NJ EMS Conference

The SCNJ presented on safe sleep to first responders at the November 2017 conference.


Nurses LEAD the Way Trainings

In 2010 a new state-wide SIDS Education Initiative for hospitals was launched during SIDS Awareness Month.
Nurses LEAD the Way is a statewide education program for hospital nurses working with newborns and their parents. The course continues to be available.  Please call the hotline to arrange an on-site presentation.  To access the original announcement:


Information about the on-line NICHD nurse education course on safe sleep is available on the main page of the website.  The course offers continuing education credits.


To learn about education events and bereavement support activities please call the hotline at (800) 545-7437



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