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Bereavement Support Intervention

Knowledge of accurate information about SIDS and other diagnoses related to sudden unexpected infant death and awareness of the needs and feelings of the surviving members of the family can do much to alleviate needless suffering. Parents want to talk about their baby. They need to talk about the events of his/her life and death, feelings related to their own grieving process, reactions of others and concerns about subsequent or surviving siblings. Immediate outreach by the SIDS Center of New Jersey helps provide answers to the family's questions and much-needed support. Through direct and electronic communication, through peer support, family events and memorial services, through faith-based communication, through supportive activities and throug newsletters the SIDS Center of New Jersey works closely with parents, grandparents, siblings and other relatives to help each address the sudden and tragic loss of their infant.  A 24 hours hotline (800-545-7437) is also available so that families can reach out for help at any time.


Parent Packet A Journey to Healing 2017 Final