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About the Pediatric Residency Program

The pediatric residency program at RWJMS is designed to prepare a resident for any career in pediatrics that they may choose to enter, from private practice to academic medicine to sub-specialty practice. This is accomplished by providing the resident a broad exposure to clinical pediatrics and an outstanding educational experience. Throughout training, residents are involved directly in the care of pediatric patients, whether outpatient or inpatient, the general floor or the intensive care unit, from primary care to tertiary care pediatrics. During their training, residents are supervised directly by the faculty. The responsibility and the expectations increase commensurate with the resident’s experience. The clinical training is complemented by a curriculum designed to develop the skills a pediatrician requires, whether as a patient advocate, educator or researcher. Residents have opportunities to build their skills in these areas in all three years of training. As with the clinical training, experiences in the first year are used to build responsibilities and expectations for the second and third year. At the end of residency, our graduates are prepared to excel in their chosen field of pediatrics.

Our hope is that this website will introduce to our residency program and provide basic information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.