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J. Don Chen, Ph.D.

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Selected Publications:

Yeung, P.L., Chen, L.Y., Tsai, S.C., Zhang, A. and Chen, J.D. (2008) Daxx Contains Two Nuclear Localization Signals and Interacts with Importin Alpha 3. J. Cell. Biochem., 103: 456-470.

Neilsen, P.M., Cheney, K.M., Li, C.W., Chen, J.D., Cawrse, J.E., Schulz, R.B., Powell, J.A., Kumar, R. and Callen, D.F. (2008) Identification of ANKRD11 as a p53 coactivator. J. Cell Sci., 121: 3541-3552.

Li, C.W., Dinh, G.K., Zhang, A., and Chen, J.D. (2008) Ankyrin repeats cofactors interact with ADA3 and modulate its coactivator function. Biochem. J., 413: 349-357.

Chisamore, M.J., Mosley, R.T., Cai, S.J., Birzin, E.T., O’Donnell, G., Zuck, P., Flores, O., Schaeffer, J., Rohrer, S.P., Chen, J.D., and Wilkinson, H.A. (2008) Identification of Small Molecule Estrogen-Related Receptor -Specific Antagonists and Homology Modeling to Predict the Molecular Determinants as the Basis forSelectivity over ERR and ERR. Drug Develop. Res., 69: 203-218.

Chisamore M.J., Cunningham M.E., Flores O, Wilkinson H.A., Chen J.D. (2009) Characterization of a novel small molecule subtype specific estrogen-related receptor alpha antagonist in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. PloS ONE. 4(5):e5624

Chisamore M.J., Wilkinson H.A., Flores O., Chen J.D. (2009) Estrogen-related receptor-alpha antagonist both estrogen receptor-positive and estrogen receptor-negative breast tumor growth in mouse xenografts. Mol Cancer Ther. 8(3):672-81.