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Joseph Dougherty, Ph.D.


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Selected Publications:

Lentiviral Vector Systems and Drug Discovery

Micheva-Viteva S, Pacchia AL, Ron Y, Peltz SW, Dougherty JP. Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 latency model for high-throughput screening. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2005 Dec;49(12):5185-8.

Biswas P, Jiang X, Pacchia AL, Dougherty JP, Peltz SW. The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 ribosomal frameshifting site is an invariant sequence determinant and an important target for antiviral therapy.J Virol. 2004 Feb;78(4):2082-7.

Adelson, M.E., Pacchia, A.L.,Kaul, M., Rando, R.F., Ron, Y., Peltz, S.W., Dougherty, J.P. Towards the Development of a Virus/Cell Based Assay for the Discovery of Novel Anti-HIV Componds. Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy. Feb 2003, 47(2): 501-508.

Pacchia, A.L., Mukherjee, S., Dougherty, J.P. Choice and Use of Appropriate Packaging Cell Types. In Maurizio Federico, ed., Methods in Mol. Biology Vol 229, (2002).

Pacchia, A.L., M. Adelson, Y. Ron, and J.P. Dougherty. An Inducible Packaging Cell System for Safe, Efficient Lentiviral Production in the Absence of HIV-1 Accessory Proteins. Virology 282: 77-86 (2001).

Kaul, M., H. Yu, Y. Ron, and J.P. Dougherty. Regulated lentiviral packaging cell line devoid of most viral cis-acting sequences. Virology 249: 167-174 (1998).

Rates, Spectrum, and Mechanism of Retroviral Mutation and Recombination

Zhuang JL, Mukherjee S, Ron Y, Dougherty JP. High rate of genetic recombination in murine leukemia virus: implications for influencing proviral ploidy.J Virol. 2006 Jul;80(13):6706-11.

O'Neill, P., G. Sun, H. Yu, Y. Ron, J.P. Dougherty, and B. Preston. Mutational analysis of HIV-1 long terminal repeats to explore the relative contributions of reverse transcriptase and RNA polymerase II to viral mutagenesis. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2002. OU-11,277(AI):38053-61

Zhuang, J., A. Jetzt, G. Sun, H. Yu, G. Klarmann, Y. Ron, B.D. Preston, and J.P. Dougherty. Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 recombination: rate, fidelity, and putative hotspots. Journal of Virology, 2002, 76:11273-11282.

Sun, G., P. O'Neill, H. Yu, B. Preston, Y. Ron, and J.P. Dougherty. Transduction of cellular sequences by Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1. Journal of Virology 75:11902-11906 (2001).

Jetzt, A.E., H. Yu, G. Klarmann, Y. Ron, B.D. Preston, and J.P. Dougherty. High rate of recombination throughout the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 genome. Journal of Virology 74: 1234-1240 (2000).

Yu, H., A.E. Jetzt, Y. Ron, B.D. Preston, and J.P. Dougherty. The nature of HIV-1 strand transfers. Journal of Biological Chemistry 273: 28384-28391 (1998).

Induction of specific unresponsiveness

Chen CC, Rivera A, Dougherty JP, Ron Y. Complete protection from relapsing experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis induced by syngeneic B cells expressing the autoantigen.
Blood. 2004 Jun 15;103(12):4616-8.

Rivera A, Chen CC, Dougherty JP, Ron Y. Host stem cells can selectively reconstitute missing lymphoid lineages in irradiation bone marrow chimeras.Blood. 2003 Jun 1;101(11):4347-54.

Chen, C.-C., A. Rivera, J.P. Dougherty, and Y. Ron. A gene therapy approach for treating T-cell–mediated autoimmune diseases. Blood 97: 886-894 (2001).

Chen, C.C., A. Rivera, N. Ron, N. Sutkowski, J.P. Dougherty, and Y. Ron. Long-term contribution to the myeloid compartment by lineage-committed stem cells. Blood 92: 3210-3217 (1998).