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Joseph Fondell, Ph.D.


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Selected Publications:

Jin, F and Fondell, JD. (2009) A novel androgen receptor-binding element modualtes Cdc6 transcription in prostate cancer cells during cell-cycle progression. Nucleic Acids Res. 37(14):4826-38.

Belakavadi M, Pandey PK , Vijayvargia R, Fondell JD. (2008) MED1 pohsphoryaltion promotes its association with mediator: implications for nuclear receptor signaling. Mol Cell Biol.28(12):3932-42.

Vijayvargia, R., May, M.S. and J.D. Fondell (2007) A coregulatory role for the Mediator complex in prostate cancer cell proliferation and gene expression. Cancer Research 67(9):4034-4041.

Udayakumar, T.S., Belakavadi, M., Choi, K.-H., Pandey, P.K. and J.D. Fondell (2006) Regulation of Aurora -A kinase gene expression via GABP recruitment of TRAP220/Med1. J. Biol. Chem 281(21):14691-14699.

Xia, X., Liu, Y., Fondell, J.D. and P.M. Yen (2006) Thyroid hormone-regulated target genes reveal distinct patterns of co-activtor recruitment and histone acetylation. Mol Endocrinol. 20 (3):483-490.

Belakavadi, M. and J.D. Fondell (2006) Role of the Mediator complex in nuclear hormone receptor signaling. Ann Rev Physiol. Pharm. and Biochem.156:23-43.

Pandey, P., Udayakumar, T.S., Lin, X.J., Sharma, D., Shapiro, P.S. and J.D. Fondell (2005) Activation of TRAP/Mediator subunit TRAP220/Med1 is regulated by MAPK-ERK-dependent phosphorylation. Mol. Cell. Biol.25:10695-10710 .

Tsai, C.-C. and J.D. Fondell (2004) Nuclear Receptor recruitment of histone modifying enzymes to target gene promoters. Vitamins & Hormones. 68:93-122.

Wang, Q., Udayakumar, T.S., Vasaitis, T.S., Brodie, A.M. and J.D. Fondell (2004) Mechanistic relationship between androgen receptor polyglutamine tract truncation and androgen-dependent transcriptional hyperactivity in prostate cancer cells. J. Biol. Chem. 279:17319-17328.

Yoon, H-G., Chan, D.W., Huang, Z-Q., Li, J., Fondell, J.D., Qin, J. and J. Wong. (2003) Purification and functional characterization of the human N-CoR complex: the roles of HDAC3 and two WD-40 repeat subunits TBL1 and TBLR1. EMBO Jour 22(6):1336-1346.

Fondell, J.D. (2002). Gene activation by the thyroid hormone receptor in vitro and purification of the TRAP coactivator complex. Methods Mol. Biol. 202:195-214.

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Wang, Q., Sharma, D., Ren, Y.S. and J.D. Fondell (2002). Involvement of the TRAP/Mediator coactivator complex in androgen receptor-mediated signaling pathways. J. Biol. Chem. 277(45): 42852 -42858.

Zhang, Y., Xia, X., Wang, Q., Cheng, A., Fondell, J.D. and A.W. Hamburger (2002). Repression of androgen receptor mediated transcription by the ErbB-3 binding protein, Ebp1. Oncogene 21(36):5609-5618.

Hruska, K.S., Tilli, M.T., Cotarla, I., Ren, S., Kwong, T., Li, M., Fondell, J.D., Hewitt, J.A., Koos, R.D., Furth, P.A. and J.A. Flaws. (2002). Conditional overexpression of estrogen receptor alpha in a transgenic mouse model. Transgenic Research 11:361-372.

Wang, Q. and J.D. Fondell (2001). Generation of a mammalian cell line stably expressing a tetracycline-regulated epitope-tagged human androgen receptor: implications for steroid hormone receptor research. Anal. Biochem. 289:217-230.

Ren, Y.S., Behre, E., Ren, Z., Zhang, J., Wang, Q. and J.D. Fondell (2000). Specific structural motifs determine TRAP220 interactions with nuclear hormone receptors. Mol. Cell. Biol. 20:5433-5446.