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Nancy C. Walworth, Ph.D.

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Selected Publications:

Palermo, C. and N. C. Walworth. 2005. Assaying Cell Cycle Checkpoints: Activity of the Protein Kinase Chk1, in Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 296: Cell Cycle Protocols. Pages 345-354. T. Humphrey and G. Brooks, eds. Humana Press Inc. Totowa, NJ.

Dunaway, S., H. Y. Liu and N. C. Walworth. 2005. Interaction of 14-3-3 protein with Chk1 affects localization and checkpoint function. J. Cell Science 118:39-50.

Dul, B. and N. C. Walworth. 2007. The PHD fingers of fission yeast Msc1 exhibit E3 ubiquitin ligase activity. J. Biological Chemistry, 282:18397-18406.

Palermo, C. and N. C. Walworth. 2007. Yeast as a model for studying cell cycle checkpoints, in Yeast as a Tool in Cancer Research, pages 179-189. J. Heitman and J. L. Nitiss, ed. Springer, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

Ahmed, S., B. Dul, Qiu, X. and N. C. Walworth. 2007. Msc1 acts through histone H2A.Z to promote chromosome stability in fission yeast. Genetics, 177:1487-1497.

Palermo, C., Hope, J. C., Freyer, G. A., Rao, H. and N. C. Walworth. 2008. Importance of a C-terminal conserved region of Chk1 for checkpoint function. PLoS ONE 3(1):e1427.