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X.F. Steven Zheng, Ph.D.

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Selected Publications:

Tsang, C.K., Liu, Y., Thomas, J.D., Zhang, Y.J. and Zheng, X.F. Superoxide dismutase 1 acts as a nuclear transcription factor to regulate oxidative stress resistance, Nature Communications, 2014; 5:3446 doi:10.1038/ncomms4446

Zheng, X.F. Chemoprevention of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with rapamycin. Aging, 2012; 4: 375-376.

Zhang, Y.J., and Zheng, X.F. mTOR-independent 4E-BP1 phosphorylation is associated with cancer resistance to mTOR kinase inhibitors. Cell Cycle, 2012; 11: 594 – 603

Wei, Y.H., Tsang, C.K., and Zheng, X.F. Regulatory Mechanisms of Pol III-dependent Transcription by TORC1, The EMBO Journal, 2009; 28: 2220-2230

Tsang, C.K., Li, H. and Zheng, X.F. Nutrient Starvation Promotes Condensin Loading to Maintain rDNA Stability, The EMBO Journal, 2007; 26: 448-458. (This paper was featured in: EMBO Journal Online, 2007)

Tsang, C.K., Qi, H.Y., Liu, L.F., Zheng, X.F. Targeting mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) for health and diseases, Drug Discovery Today, 2007; 12: 112-124

Li, H., Tsang, C.K., Watkins, M., Bertram, P.G. and Zheng, X.F. Nutrient Regulates Tor1 Nuclear Localization and Association with rDNA Promoter, Nature, 2006; 442, 1058-1061
This paper was featured by the following journals:
Science’s STKE, Vol. 2006, Issue 351, pp. tw302, 5 September 2006;
Cell Metabolism, 2006, 4:259-260;

Tsang, C.K., Bertram, P.G., Ai, W.D., Drenan, R. and Zheng, X.F. Chromatin-mediated Regulation of Nucleolar Structure and RNA Polymerase I Localization by TOR, The EMBO Journal, 2003; 22: 6045-6056

Choi, J.H., Bertram, P.G., Drenan, R., Carvalho, J., Zhou, H. and Zheng, X.F. FKBP12-Rapamycin-Associated Protein (FRAP) Is A CLIP-170 Kinase, The EMBO Reports, 2002; 3: 988-994

Ai, W.D., Bertram, P.B., Tsang, C.K, Chan, T.F. and Zheng, X.F.  Regulation of Subtelomeric Silencing during Stress Response, Molecular Cell, 2002; 10: 1295-1305

Choi, J., Adames, N.R., Chan, T.F., Zeng, C.B., Cooper, J.A. and Zheng, X.F. TOR Signaling Regulates Microtubule Stability and Functions. Current Biology, 2000; 10: 861-864

Chan, T.F., Carvalho, J., Riles, L. and Zheng, X.F. A Chemical Genomics Approach towards Understanding the Global Functions of TOR.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2000; 97: 13227-13232